The place where the museum is located is ancient. Here, on a sand ridge between the two lakes, a human dwelt anciently. For the last few centuries an old village Lunkino is located here. In 1997, fascinated with the local places and quiet Meshchera nature, entrepreneur and philanthropist, President of the Academy of Management and Market V.P. Groshev (1940-2009) decided to arrange in Lunkino an Interregional masters’ school, where young people could learn local Meshchera crafts. Educational museum program continues to this day. On the basis of the museum annual summer camps, workshops and master classes are held.
The masters’ school continues to work. Over the years it has become an international. And this is a guarantee that matured for centuries skills of work with a tree do not dye, but on the contrary, are moving on to the younger generations.
The museum exposition is represented in 14 halls and a wide glade around the museum has settled many garden sculptures, made at a highly artistic level. Special prides of the museum are magnificent works of masters’ craftsmen from different regions of Russia. Also works of foreign artists - Ukraine, Belarus, Japan, Spain, Thailand and many other countries are presented in the exhibition.